FAQ (Beta)

Which Android versions are compatible with SamsRemoty?

You must have at least Android version 7.0 (Nougat) installed. All previous versions are not compatible.

SamsRemoty asks for access every time? What can I do?

You must grant access, see below.

What is the difference between the free version SamsRemoty and the paid SamsRemoty Premium app ?

– No advertising!
– Updates appear sooner!
– more features!

I can not connect to my Samsung TV.
What can i do?

In order to be able to connect to your Samsung TV (with Tizen OS), both your smartphone and your Samsung TV (with Tizen OS) must be in the same network.
It may be the case that your WiFi is in a different network than your LAN.
You can change this in your router!

How do I know if my smartphone and Samsung TV are in the same network?

Check the settings of your router. For more information, please refer to the instructions for your router.

My smartphone is in the same network as the Samsung TV.
Still, I can't connect to my Samsung TV?

Restart your router once and check it again after rebooting your router.

If that doesn’t help either, uninstall the app on your smartphone and reinstall it via the Play Store.

My remote control is not included, what can I do?

You can choose any other remote control, they should all be compatible.